Capturing Life's Precious Moments

for you to KEEP and SHARE forever


Kia Jayne Productions is in the business of telling people's stories... I'm here to help capture all those special moments so you can re-live them for a lifetime.  Whether it's your wedding day, child's birthday party, cake smash, or the whole family hanging out together down at the park. Having professional vision of your loved ones that you can relive for a lifetime is priceless.

why film?

Photos are a wonderful way to capture your loved ones in a single moment. However videography allows you to go that one step further and document your family and friends in motion. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words than a video must be worth a million. Nothing has the ability to stir our emotions like the moving image.

No matter what the special occasion, having a beautiful film to remember it by is a gift to yourself now and for many years to come.

As a parent imagine being able to re-live those precious kisses and cuddles of your baby or re-watch their first steps or how their tiny hands and feet move.  Have your heart melt all over again by their cheeky facial expressions and the sound of their sweet little voice and giggle.  Not only that, but what a gift it will be to your children and then their children in time... a real family treasure. 

A little time capsule full of love for all the family to enjoy now and forfuture generations to come.

A professionally made film for you and your loved ones to cherish forever. 

You can share it with your friends and family now and in decades to come.

Kia Jayne Productions