Family Videography

 CREATE memories today that you can SHARE and KEEP forever!


Lights, Camera, Action!

What to expect? Well you don't need to feel nervous about the day of filming.  We would have already spoken in depth on the phone to organise the shoot and when I first arrive I will spend a few moments getting to know you (in person) and your children and or anyone else involved in filming so that hopefully everyone feels comfortable with me and the camera and I can capture you interacting as natural as possible.

Leading up to filming we will discuss where you would like to film (I'm happy to suggest locations, but if you have a special family place, or would like to do it at your home that is perfect) and the different types of activities you could do.  If you have any specific ideas of what you would like me to capture please don't hesitate to tell me. 


Once we have finished filming I will take the vision home to edit together your movie.  I will hand pick special music that enhances your film and that is licensed so that you are free to share your film on all social media platforms.  I will take my time to go through each shot so that I don't miss any magical moments between you and your loved ones.  I want to make sure the end result makes your heart sing, so I take great care in making every movie a package of love. Once I have finished editing, I will colour grade the vision to give it that extra pop! 


I aim to have your film delivered to you within three weeks.  I will first upload the video to a secure site (so only you or anyone you share it with can see it) if you wish I can then post it on social media so you can share it with your family and friends.  I will also send you a link so you can download a copy of it for you to keep for years to come.


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